CCL Reduction Services

Climate Change Levy (CCL Reduction) is a tax on energy used by Industry, Commerce and the Public Sector introduced in 2001 as part of the UK Government’s Environmental Policy.  Climate Change Agreements (CCAs) provide 80% rebate on Climate Change Levy for energy intensive sectors which agree to and meet targets for improving their energy efficiency. Climate Change Agreements were introduced in 2002 and run to 2012.  If your business is part of the 40 or so ‘energy-intensive industries’ covered by Climate Change Agreements, you may qualify for a reduction on your levy. The agreements give businesses the chance to get an 80% reduction, provided they can meet milestones set to them by the government. For more information, see the Defra website.

Our CCL Reduction Services

Each Agreement has milestone targets which have to be met every two years.  There are currently over 3,300 UK Companies with Climate Change Agreements, a large percentage of which have not met their historic targets through energy saving alone but have had to purchase carbon credits to meet their shortfall. The benefits to companies in having a Climate Change Agreement outweigh the disadvantages as shown below:

  • Rebate – 80% rebate savings on the Climate Change Levy
  • Reduce – Reduction in energy consumption and costs
  • Measure – Provides a structure to improve ways of measuring production costs

We have a network of customers who already have a CCL reduction in place and this helps to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of manufacturers who are high intensive energy users.  By bringing together like minded non-competitive companies to collaborate and implement strategic plans it will help Climate Change Levy targets to be met and perhaps even exceeded.

CCL Reduction Network Benefits

Networks are a key source of information and support as they:

  • Share best practice/Compare and discuss issues of common interest
  • Share resources/information
  • Access to expert support
  • Access to additional funding
  • Work together in an innovative way to ensure they gain new skills
  • Meet in an organised forum
  • Receive News Bulletins and invitations to events of interest
  • Share experiences and improve in-house knowledge

The CCL Reduction Energy Network – The Energy Network, provides financial support by providing information and consultancy to companies which have Climate Change Levy Agreements, to help them reduce carbon emissions and meet their Milestone Targets. Benefits of joining the Network include:

  • ‘Winning Move’ Benchmarking
  • Quarterly meetings to share  best practice
  • Consultants to deliver training to assist companies in gaining new skills in energy management
  • Assist Companies in corrective measures which may help them achieve their Climate Change Levy Agreement Targets
  • Five days on site support to implement an energy improvement programme