EDGE Platforms for Demand Side ResponseFor business and consumers, DSR is a smart way to save on total energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Demand Side Response with EDGE Platforms

EDGE Platforms for better energy management

EDGE Platforms have the ability to reduce energy requirments on a second by second basis and when combined with demand side response services it can be an effective tool in energy management.

“For business and consumers, DSR is a smart way to save on total energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint. By encouraging greater and wider participation, collectively we can turn an industry problem into a customer opportunity.” National Grid ESO

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, saving energy and making money with Demand Side Response (DSR) is possible, but most businesses just don’t know where to start.

It’s a minefield for those not in the know but at Catalyst Digital Energy we are Demand Side Response Consultants… with EDGE.

We have the EDGE for a few reasons:

> We are able to provide consulting advice to companies looking to understand the most suitable scheme for their business needs.

> We cut through the noise of different solutions to identify opportunities for demand shifting potential.

> We work with our clients to understand the range of revenue streams that are potentially available and make it possible to put together a diverse range of potential business models for DSR and with the advent of battery storage, various combinations of these types of schemes will become more practical.

> We also have the EDGE over others with our EDGE computing technology.

Why is EDGE important for DSR?

The main benefits of edge computing are its lower connectivity costs, better security practices and reliable, uninterrupted connection.

In order to facilitate DSR schemes it is necessary to have a powerful monitoring and control system on site that is integrated with high energy consuming equipment that can be managed remotely under such schemes. This is where EDGE platforms fits. EDGE solutions provide the middle ground for all DSR activities and as the data is managed at the EDGE – with no cloud intervention – the response time is second by second.

For example, as the Grid sends a feed to trigger an activity change on site to reduce or shift load to an alternate off grid supply, their required response time is imminent meaning the devices need to take immediate action once the demand for activity change has taken place. Once actioned the response time for confirmation and verification of the action is also within minutes. The cost benefit of these activities also needs to be quantified immediately for both the Grid and the client undertaking the DSR activities.

EDGE based solutions also have the AI (artificial intelligence) capabilities built in to allow for this immediate response and reply activity needed by the Grid and those providers of off grid technologies also partaking in DSR.

The other benefit of EDGE platforms is its self-learning abilities. If the Grid requires a certain MWatt of ‘shift’ the EDGE device can learn which items opted into your DSR activities and can provide this consumption and respond to the Grid confirming as such – ensuring your business gets the maximum benefit of any DSR request.

If you’d like to know more about how EDGE platform technologies can help your business benefit from the financial opportunities of DSR, please get in touch with our team

About Catalyst

Catalyst Digital Energy is an award-winning energy consultancy with a focus on digital energy services, total energy contract lifecycle management and energy management services. It is revolutionising how businesses manage energy with its unique Energy Spend Management Platform, which is powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) EaaSi®.

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