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About Us - Catalyst Digital Energy Consultants

Catalyst Digital Energy Consultants is an Award-Winning Business Energy Consultancy with a focus on digital energy services that includes total energy contract lifecycle management and energy management services.

We are on a mission as digital energy consultants to put our customers back in control of their utilities by providing the rights tools and support for the full energy contract life-cycle requirement.

Centric to this is our Energy Spend Management Platform powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA) called EaaSi which is the vehicle for the journey of transformation as we reconstruct how organisations manage, reduce, contract and report on their utilities.

During an initial 3-year period we completely revolutionise how a business manages its energy. We do this by digitising all aspects of energy including billing, data, consumption, spend, payments and emissions reporting. Our customers gain powerful insights with our energy tools which allows them to take back control and manage energy in ways they didn’t think possible.

Then using the very latest cutting edge IoT and edge computing technology we gather layers of additional mission critical energy data and activate our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered energy management software to provide unrivaled energy control and analytics.

Finally, we then further support our customer on the journey to net-zero our range of fully funded renewable energy consultant services.

The end result is that our customers have access to the very latest energy technology with the most advanced ways of managing sustainable energy goals supported by a team of Award-Winning energy consultants.

Catalyst - Digital Energy Consultants

Our position as one of the UK’s leading energy consultants, means that we have the strength to negotiate the best possible contracts and terms on behalf of our clients through our preferred list of approved suppliers. Catalyst offers a comprehensive, end-to-end, managed tendering service to ensure that our clients are able to review the widest possible range of supply offers, before helping them to select the most competitive and appropriate contract to meet their specific needs. Catalyst works with all of the main suppliers and being completely independent guarantees that our recommendations are impartial. As a market leading energy broker we offer an outstanding business energy comparison service comparing the market to find you a better deal on your electricity and gas requirements.  Our energy broker team also offer business gas suppliers no standing charge options from the list below.

Digital Energy ConsultantsAward Winning Energy Consultants - Shaping the future of digital energy

Energy Spend Management

Our Energy Spend Management platform EaaSioffers the most advanced utility bill management platform to manage all aspects of utility management.

Flexible Energy Procurement

We offer a choice of fixed, portfolio and flexible energy procurement solutions to suit your business needs.

Digital Energy Services

We are a company that delivers sustainable energy & energy management solutions in partnership with your business goals.

Fully Funded Sustainable Energy

Catalyst and our panel of technology partners delivers design, development, and operation of private wire and on-site sustainable energy for large industrial and commercial clients across the UK.

Energy and Environment

We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

Metering & Monitoring Solutions

Energy monitoring and targeting (M&T) is essential for businesses looking to achieve good energy management. The Energy monitoring theory being; that if you can measure energy, you can monitor it; if you can monitor energy then you can manage it.

Non-Commodity Reporting

Non-commodity costs are rising year on year and now cover an incremental percentage of the energy bill. Our Cost-Stacker™ tool predicts future energy costs.

Energy Compliance

The Catalyst team of compliance experts can help with all aspects of energy compliance, from ESOS to SECR.

Business Water Services

We offer water and wastewater management that will help UK businesses improve efficiency and make savings.

Award Winning Energy Consultants

Energy Live Consultancy Awards at the Honorable Artillery Company in London


The Energy Spend Management Platform

EaaSi™ – The Energy Spend Management Platform Powered by Robotic Process Automation

The Energy Spend Management PlatformEaaSi™ - Energy-as-a-Service Interactive

Energy Consultants – Spend Management

EaaSi is the go-to energy spend management solution for mid-sized companies. All-in-one software to help you control, track and report your company’s energy spend.

Built using the power of robotic process automation (RPA) this is the world’s best automated invoice collection and validation platform.

Catalyst’s business energy consultants spend management (BESM) platform provides powerful capabilities for everyone in your company, financial controllers, power users, and site managers to conduct all of their business spend activities in one place.

Agnostic of suppliers our software automates the collection of invoices and credit notes, performs powerful validation and contract auditing to identify billing errors and optimise energy spend.

With full contract lifecycle management, you will never need to worry if you have been charged correctly. The system takes cares of missing bills, accruals, and provides targeted financial reporting forecasts and budget setting capabilities.

Future costs are accurately predicted in real time and market opportunities for future energy contract renewals can be viewed at group or site level.


“Turbo Charge your Energy Contract life-cycle Management and gain back control of your utility spend with our Award Winning Digital Energy Consultancy”


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