Top 5 Energy Smartphone Apps

Here at Catalyst  our main focus is to find businesses with the most competitive business energy and business gas prices. We also strive to help businesses achieve greater energy efficiency. But overall our main wish is to help everybody lower their environmental impact by becoming more energy efficient not only at their businesses but at home too.

We take a look at the top Energy Smartphone Apps on the market today for your iphone or smart phone.

Top 5 Energy Smartphone Apps

Following on from our Top 10 Amazing Energy Saving Apps, In this week’s article we bring you 5 of the best energy smartphone apps for Smartphone’s. With them you will be able to control your household energy costs by reducing electricity usage, surveying home appliances and even help you change light bulbs.

1.  The Meter Readings iTunes ($1.99) allows you to monitor electricity, gas, water and even includes support for solar and wind generation meters. By entering the numbers off your meters this app calculates how much energy, gas or water your house consumes each day.

You can graph out the daily, monthly, or yearly usage statistics and see the trends in your energy use. For UK users only it offers a price comparison feature and even the possibility to switch energy suppliers.

2.  With the  Light Bulb Finder, How many apps does it take to change a light bulb? The Light Bulb Finder has the answer, watch the video and find out.

Light Bulb Finder Video


3.  The TV Energy Labels iTunes ($0.99) Nowadays TV sets offer so many features that we tend to leave energy consumption aside (at least I do). With that in mind App-etiser has created the TV Energy Labels app, an app that tells you what types of televisions are the most efficient. The calculation is based on the EU regulations, meaning it is calculated that you watch television for 4 hours x 365 days/ year x €0,22 kWh.

4.  With MyEnergyTips iTunes ($0.00) Not sure how to reduce your electricity usage? This app makes everything easier for you by taking the guessing out of what you can do to reduce your electricity usage and helping you define your energy saving goals. MyEnergyTips assist you in surveying your home appliances by calculating how much energy each one is consuming and recommending what you can do to save money.

5.  The Green Outlet iTunes ($0.99) In short this app helps you understand how much electricity your appliances consume and how much each costs per month to run. With it you can identify which of your household appliances are costing you the most to run so you can make informed decisions about your electric use.

Most of these apps provide values in US Dollars so to make your life easier we suggest you download XE Currency app, a FREE currency calculator that allows you to convert every world currency on-the-go. This app was featured on the BBC as one of the top 10 best new travel apps.

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