Daily Energy Report – 10th January 2023Welcome to our daily energy report

The energy market is currently being influenced by a number of factors, including weather patterns, nuclear power, and liquified natural gas imports.

The revision of temperatures for mid-January has led to concerns that colder weather may increase the demand for storage withdrawals and injection demand over the summer.

Additionally, the steady return of French nuclear reactors and the testing of the IFA-1 interconnector, which connects the UK and France’s power grids, has kept the UK as a net importer of power from France so far this month. This is notable because it hasn’t been a net importer from France since March 2022.

High winds in the UK are also expected to continue, which may dampen demand for gas for power. Despite disruptions currently obstructing docking, 18 LNG cargoes are expected to arrive in the UK by the end of the month.

It will be interesting to see how these different factors ultimately play out in the energy market over the coming weeks and months.

todays gas price 10.01.23
todays energy prices - 10.01.23


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    Daily Energy Report - 10th January 2023