Half Hourly Consumption ReportsHalf-hourly data is a record of the energy used in every half-hour period of every day and this is reported in graph format.

half hourly consumption reports

Half Hourly Energy Consumption Reports

All of our clients that have half hourly commercial electricity meters either on a standard fixed energy contract or a flexible energy contract, can benefit from our monthly energy consumption reports.

Working in partnership with an accredited Data Collector and Data Aggregator that specialises in Half Hourly metering, we ensure all of your consumption data is validated in line with industry regulations prior to us producing any consumption reports.

Our reports work with half-hourly consumption data, with a typical dataset consisting of a series of 48 daily readings for each meter point, with each half hourly data point showing the total amount of energy consumed or generated in that 30-minute intervals.

A lot of businesses are unaware of the power of interval data, and they also don’t understand how to obtain these data sets themselves.  Normally obtaining this data 3rd hand via energy suppliers and relying on them to provide accurate and timely data, which often isn’t the case.

Because we appoint our preferred data agency, this ensures that we have reliable and consistent access to our customers interval data for analytic and reporting purposes.

Having access to your energy consumption data means businesses can analyse their energy profile and utilise this information to manage a smarter energy management strategy

This starts with an annual view of the data and your global energy consumption.  This can show the total ammount of energy consumed for carbon reporting and carbon reduction plans

Plot monthly usage and make better well informed buying decisions along with more accurate budget forecasting and tracking.

If you have you energy bill validation service with us, then we will even use this date to ensure that your energy supplier is billing you against the actual consumption instead of estimating your reads.


Annual Consumption Shape

Annual Energy Consumption Report

Monthly profiled data can also be used to spot anomalies in energy use, such as equipment that is set to run on timers, but the timers have gone out of sync with requirements.

Or looking at opening hours compared to energy use, in particular if the business doesn’t work at the weekends, this data gives a great opportunity to spot wasted energy, where equipment or lighting has been left on for no real reason.

The same data sets can also be used to evaluate energy saving measures such as LED lighting or additional controls.

Simply by creating a before and after profile it is easy to measure the results of a change in usage profile.

Monthly Consumption Shape

Your Monthly Half Hourly Energy Reports

Included as standard for all Half Hourly customers

We automatically provide monthly consumption reporting to all of our half hourly customers, sending out thousands of reports on a monthly basis.

Our innovative aM&T service, Catalyst Energy Advantage™, will enable you to do the following:

> Investigate in great detail when and how energy is used.

> Identify and monitor exception usage patterns.

> Benchmark energy consumption between buildings or processes.

> Identify potential contract setting problems and wasted energy.

> Improve forecasting & setting of energy budgets.

> Increased visibility gives greater incentive to reduce & control costs.

> Capture your monthly or annual carbon footprint.

Every month we will deliver your comprehensive energy management report directly to your inbox.

Submeters, NHH, Gas and Water Data

For those companies that are looking to have visibility over more data, we can provide a range of metering solutions and data capture for any utilities.

Using approved contractors we can build a plan to capture and report data in the same 30-minute intervals as half hour electricity.

Or we can deploy IoT energy solutions for a more granular view of flexible electricity, gas or water data when required.


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